Whether what you’re looking for is listed or you are simply unsure on something, please contact the office as we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Examples that a carer cannot carry out: dress wounds, perform injections, or administer medication without consent.

Our carers can provide personal care, including showering, baths, shaving and oral hygiene. They support people with mobility issues and transfers using appropriate equipment. They can prepare daily meals and support with feeding and hydration and support/administer medication as per the company’s policies and procedures.

All care plans, rosters and notes are carried out digitally, though if requested we can organise a paper communication book and send your daily notes of care to family members or yourself.

Having our care plans digitally means that we can read live notes, make changes to care plans or medications, as and when needed, without delay and are able to monitor where our carers are.

Kind Hands fees and charges for home care services vary. Please click here for more information.

Our invoices are sent out 4 weekly to you. This can be sent by post, emailed to you or your family, or your carer will bring it to you by hand. Our carers will happily bring your payment into the office, or you may use online banking, or we can organise a standing order for you.

Yes, all our staff are fully insured for both personal and public liability.

All our offices are registered independently and are inspected by the relevant regulatory bodies of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

There is generally a team of carers working within each area, and you may have one or more carers visiting you from within this team. If more than one carer visits you, it does tend to work better as there will be less disruption to your service when one is away on scheduled or emergency leave.

Yes, that isn’t a problem, we understand that there may be more than yourself living in the property.

Yes, our carers can perform household chores like cleaning, vacuuming, doing laundry, and preparing meals.

We have an answer phone for when our office is closed, which will give you information about how to contact us out of hours for emergencies.

Palliative care offers practical and emotional support to those with terminal illness.

Palliative care can be offered at any point after a terminal diagnosis and is designed to provide holistic support as you come to terms with the symptoms of your condition. Palliative care helps you to experience the best possible quality of life, in the time you have left, through supporting you physically and emotionally at home.

Yes, if needed we can request adult social care to undertake an assessment of your needs for equipment.

Yes, as long as they are friendly. If pets are uncomfortable with visitors, we don’t mind them being put in a different room whilst our carers visit.

Items for Personal care such as; flannels, soap, towels and a bowl if needed.

Items for Domestics, hoover, mop, dusters, polish and brush.

A Key safe if you struggle to lock your front door or answer the door.

We provide all carers with disposable gloves and aprons.