Our Clients

Kind Hands specialises in supporting individuals in the community, enabling them to live as independently as possible through the provision of personal and practical care delivered by trained home carers. Kind Hands works mainly with older people, helping them to remain independent within their own home environment.

Kind Hands provides these services to private clients and to those referred to them by Social Services and the Clinical Commisioning Groups, under contract arrangements.

Kind Hands does not offer nursing care.

Kind Hands offers their services to service users irrespective of their race/ethnic origin, creed, colour, religion, political affiliation, sexual gender/sexual orientation and disability/impairment. The criteria for accepting a service user is based on the ability of Kind Hands to provide the care needs as assessed.

Geographical Locations

Kind Hands provides their services in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas

Kind Hands maintains private agreements with independant service users

Kind Hands holds contracts to provide care services on behalf of Social Services.