Fees And Charges

Kind Hands fees and charges for home care services vary according to who is funding the care.

There are two broad categories of service users fees:

  • Those funded in whole or part by East Sussex County Council
  • Those funded wholly by the individual service users (private clients)

The scheduled fees and charges for each of the above change to reflect variations in the cost of the service provision and the contract rates fixed by local authorities.

Kind Hands is exempt from VAT as a regulated care agency, hence VAT is not added to Kind Hands fees & charges.

Charges Effective from June 2018


Hourly Rate Mon – Fri £ 18.25
3/4 hour Mon – Fri £ 16.40
1/2 hour Mon – Fri £ 13.90


Hourly Rate Sat & Sun £ 21.00
3/4 hour Sat & Sun £ 19.10
1/2 hour Sat & Sun £ 16.55

Sleep Nights : 10pm – 7am

Week Day £ 120.00
Week End £ 140.00

Mileage is charged at 45p per mile for travel to each client (this is calculated from the office) and if transport is used for clients own needs.

Please Note – Bank Holidays will be charged at double time